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The lighting and life

The show has captivated millions of people and was conceived by Valerio Festi to remember the tragic earthquake that obscured the city of Kobe in 1995.
Lights and colors were set up in a long tunnel: "winding towards the east, towards the light, hope, future, life" and an emission of stamp postage had also celebrated the event.
For twenty years the Architecture of Light of Valerio Festi has been an artistic event that over time developed a great communicative power that transmits an authentic message of rebirth. During only 4 days a year for 4 hours a day, more than 7 million people get into the magic of light geometries and its audience comes throughout Japan to meet the Architecture of Light that surrounds the city. The light apparatus designed for Kobe has actually founded the "Festival of the city", the "Memorial Day", recognized by the City Council and the Central Government, as a traditional celebration to remember the earthquake of 1995.


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