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The artistic research on the Italian lighting and festivity as an art form invented during the Renaissance and Baroque era, is of fundamental importance to Studio Festi by Mymoon, which from the 80s created huge installations of architectural lighting in Italy and worldwide: Houston, Kobe, Tokyo, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow and others.

Research, creativity and new forms of invention made of the Light a powerful Festival tool. Studio Festi by Mymoon created a universal language that brought new meanings: Light as source of life, as the creation of the world but also as a separation between day and night.
The Light Art of Studio Festi is based on light sculptures, architectures. Here the light becomes a form of art, a new medium of expression full of original concept and design.
The best result of our research on Light art has been achieved in Japan, with a project for the city of Kobe that, since 1995 has been repeated every year, representing Kobe as the "City of Light". The show focused on the rebirth of the city after the earthquake devastation. In fact, every year, in December, millions of people begin their journey in the center of Kobe, to feel a festivity that looks forward, to a future full of joy and Light.


These Lighting Installations are used in urban and natural environments - a street, a square, a park – aiming to renew and transform the city itself into an illusion, changing its identity completely through architectural elements that come from the ancient tradition of European architecture.

The "Galleria" remembers the nave of the ancient cathedrals; the "Frontone" is the reconstruction of lighting ornaments on the façade; the "Spaliera" is a new system, which is manipulated to create an illusory construction outdoors. The "a solo" pieces are mostly paintings or sculptures, flowers or tableau. The "Architecture of Light" by Studio Festi by Mymoon conceives a complete project based on new designs that are based on traditional materials and has systems that are capable to light up the city and give a new time of art event.


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