Feast of Santa Rosalia - TrilogyPalermo-Italy


The oldest "Baroque Festival" of the Mediterranean was conceived to celebrate the deliverance of Palermo from plague, which was ceased thanks to the virgin Rosalia of Palermo. The celebration, called festino, annually celebrates outdoors by staging the plague, the remedy, the saint, the miracle and the angel, celebrating throughout the city. The Festival takes place at the Palace of the Normans and ends at the Sea and it is still held each year on 14 July.
With joy and hard work, this production left behind the dark years of Palermo, giving an opportunity to the city to rediscover its beauty, energy and culture. Hundreds of artists arrived from all over Europe. Ships, tanks, fire towers, magnificent equipment, curtains of water and a fireworks concert were there to celebrate the city of Palermo - with the participation of over 500 thousand people.


santa rosalia 97 Feast of Santa Rosalia - Palermo