Opening Ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter GamesTurin-Italy

“From the Renaissance to Baroque”

To enrich the opening ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter Games of Torino, Valerio Festi and Monica Maimone staged an imaginative, evocative and unique opening scene to represent the Italian culture and its aesthetics from the most "fertile" period of creativity.
The performance was the heart of the show: it represented Italy to an audience of over one billion viewers, and still nowadays this performance is remembered as a milestone of International Events.
The show emerged again the Italian art of celebration, the utopia of the Renaissance and the amazement of Baroque. The Stadio Olimpico di Torino became a great theater: inventions, fantasies and dreams were they key figures of the plays staged "en plein air". It celebrated the beauty, art and the Italian passion that has a long and rich history of masters and masterpieces. The concept of history and culture was celebrated through a game of jokes, of "caprice", scenes, actions, music and choreography.
This festivity declared immediately its purpose: “il fin, la meraviglia


torino olimpiadi Opening Ceremony of the XX Olympic Winter Games - Turin